Anna Josette Herber
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About Anna


Hello curious one!

If you hadn’t gathered by now, my name is Anna Josette Herber, and I am a writer.

I do many other things too, but eloquent expression with the imperfect tool that is language is what I get out of bed for.

My path through life has taken me through an English BA at the University of Cambridge, the creation of a very successful eccentric nightclub brand, self-published writing about the fierce battle for my mental health (of which I remain very proud, more coming soon…), and a wide variety of life experiences that made me the creative I am today.

I also play guitar and sing (possibly with more enthusiasm than skill) and try to make people laugh with stand up comedy (occasional) and social media updates (relentless).

I’m also in the process of writing a sci fi novel called ‘A Point of Consciousness’, but that is still very much a baby in the making.

I live primarily in East London with my little cat Kiki, but I work all over the world. I’m always up for connecting with digital nomad/freelance/entrepreneur/tech fanatic/social activist/heart-centred/generally nice types, give me a shout!