Terms of service

Thanks for clicking through to my Terms of Service page. Please do read these official T&C's when contracting my freelance services.


In order for me to begin work on your project, I will need you to confirm that you have
read and agree to these terms.


The Contract

The relationship between Anna Josette Herber and the client will be that of ‘independent contractor’. My time will therefore be limited to the project at hand, including any consultation time warranted by the project.


My Pricing Terms

I quote copywriting, content creation and brand consultancy projects on a day rate basis, which is equal to £350 per day unless otherwise negotiated. If I offer you an all-in project fee, I quote this on a case-by-case basis. Your fee includes:

  • A free quote and consultation

  • A maximum of 3 drafts of the project specified in the original brief

  • Any minor amendments to your project

  • Advice and consultation via email or online call as necessary. Please note that I do not accept Whatsapp voice notes as an acceptable briefing or feedback method.


Before each project, I will provide a quote so that you know exactly how much the work will cost. Any changes to the original brief, or requests for additional services that do not fall under the initial brief, may require me to adjust your payable fee.



If you have booked a day or half day of my time for a specific date, any cancellations will require a minimum of 7 days written notice. Any cancellations made with less than 7 days notice will require the payment of my full fee.


Your Brief

A full, detailed brief must be supplied by the client before work is expected to commence, and must clearly outline the project requirements.

Downpayments & Deposits

For all projects quoted over the value of £100, a 50% downpayment must be paid immediately to book in my time, unless otherwise agreed between myself and the client. 


Commencement of Work

Before work on your project can begin I require a confirmation email, stating:

  • You have read and agree to my terms and conditions

  • You are authorised to commission the project

  • You agree to my fee and downpayment agreement


Timescale and Deadlines

I will make every effort to ensure your project is delivered on time. In the unlikely event that I cannot meet the agreed deadline, I will always let you know as soon as possible. I will not be held liable for any loss or damages to any party as a result of missing a deadline.


Payment Methods

I accept payments by PayPal and direct bank transfer, but unfortunately I cannot accept cheques.


Late Payment Terms

I understand and will exercise my statutory right to interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if I am not paid according to agreed credit terms.

The Late Payment of Commercial Debt (Interest) Act (1988) states that for debts of less than £1000, the penalty is £40, rising to £70 for debts up to £9,999.99 and £100 above that.

Interest is payable at 8 per cent over Bank of England base rate. The penalties and interest now apply to all businesses regardless of size.


International Payment Fees (PayPal and BACS)

International clients are expected to cover any additional currency conversion charges to the service provider (me).

With my bank (Natwest), payments for over £100 or currency equivalent are charged at £7 each

PayPal fees are currently charged thus:

International payment fee + fully funded payment fee + fixed fee + cross border fee + currency conversion fee.

(Exact amounts are subject to the amount in question and the country of origin of the sender).

Working example:

The client is based in the USA and the project fee is £200 ($257.49 USD).

3.9% International payment fee + 0.5% fully funded payment fee + $0.30 fixed fee + 1.0% cross border fee + 3.0% currency conversion fee = 10.04 + 1.28 + 0.30 + 2.57 + 7.72 = 21.91.

So $257.49 + $21.91 = $279.40 (£217.03).

PayPal’s current cross border and currency conversion fees can be found here.

Please note that international clients may also be subject to their own transaction fees for sending money overseas by PayPal or BACS.



Intellectual Property Rights

Upon completion of the project and once I have received payment, all copyrights are automatically transferred to the client. I reserve the right to use any extracts of my work for my portfolio. Similarly, if I’ve worked alongside a subcontracted copywriter, they will also have the write to use any extracts of their work on their portfolio and marketing materials unless otherwise agreed beforehand.

Whilst I make every effort not to breach any copyright, you agree to indemnify me against action that may arise as a result of using my services.


Errors and Omissions

I make every effort to ensure that the project is proofread, grammatically accurate and factually referenced where applicable. However, I cannot guarantee that every project is completely free from typographical, grammatical or factual errors.



By using my services, you agree to indemnify me against any claim, including that of a third party, for compensation or damages resulting from the use of my written material or from unsought permissions to use my material.

Although every piece of written content I produce is original, the client accepts full responsibility for checking the authenticity of the project, including research materials and citations supplied and indemnify me of any compensation for loss or damages.


Thank you for reading my T&Cs.

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